To date, Nawaz has composed and conducted four outstanding orchestral productions:


Damaru - Pulse of universal music was performed in 2009. In his most recent production "Damaru" in 2009, Nawaz blended traditional Indian classical and folk music with motifs and rhythms from a range of traditions, spanning across South American, African, Middle Eastern , Chinese, Japanese, and Aboriginal Australian cultures. The result was innovative music that appealed to audiences young and old, local and foreign.

The overwhelming success of "Damaru" was apparent with the invitation to stage the production in Coimbatore, India, in February 2010. There, it continued to be a huge success and played to over four thousand people in attendance. The production was telecasted on ‘Doordarshan’, the national channel, all across India.


Water- A musical Tribute was performed by a 35 member orchestra comprising percussions, Indian, Western and Chinese instruments led by Nawaz Mirajkar, Percussion Director of Temple of Fine Arts in collaboration with Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

Water was performed under the auspices of Singapore Arts Festival 2007.


Taal Express - a mystical, mesmerizing musical journey through the Indian Heartland, by the Temple of Fine Arts, Singapore.

A conception of Nawaz Mirajkar, this musical extravaganza was presented by about 25 local artistes, using vocals, percussions, violin, flute, Veena, sitar and piano. They was ably supported by eminent percussionists and instrumentalists from Malaysia.

Taal Express was performed under the auspices of Singapore Arts Festival 2006.

For the Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore, Nawaz Mirajkar was commisioned by the National Arts Council to compose a tabla repertoire for a group of 10 very young talented and skilled tabla players. This was a hugely successful performance that was power packed with the high energy, talent and enthusiasm of the youth who were well trained and guided by Nawaz, who they looked up to as their mentor and guide in their respective musical journeys.